A complete content solution for Unum

See how we helped Unum bring content marketing to the coalface.

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A complex market

Employee benefits provider Unum protects over 1.4 million people across the UK, offering support for employees and employers alike. It’s a people business and personal engagement is key. So, in 2016 Unum set out to help its frontline teams build stronger relationships with prospective and existing customers up and down the country.

With a large internal sales team and a nationwide network of third-party brokers, meeting the organisation’s diverse needs was always going to be a challenge. They turned to us to help them create a single solution that worked for everyone.


Creating connected content

Building on our existing Knowledge Bank solution we created Clive, a one-stop-shop for articles, infographics, product guides and policy terms and conditions. With the look and feel of a news site, the online hub makes it easy for sales teams and brokers to find what they need or simply browse for sector-relevant content.

This end-to-end solution integrates directly with Unum’s systems, giving existing content new life alongside the fresh pieces we’ve been creating since launch. Our intelligent content taxonomy makes it intuitive for busy users. And the custom app puts it all in the palms of their hands.

We didn’t leave it there. To get frontline staff more involved in the content creation process we gave them the opportunity to request specific pieces directly through the system. Now, we’re delivering on a content strategy that is informed by the people at the coalface.


The power of one

Creating a unified content repository and distribution hub has been game-changing for Unum. Sales teams no longer risk sending out-of-date materials to customers. And, now that it’s easier to find what they’re looking for, they can spend more time on the things that are really important.

It’s no wonder they’ve embraced the system. Uptake has been high at Unum and amongst their brokers, with Clive available on both iPad and iPhone. Customers have also noticed the change, with over 15,000 users visiting Clive in 2017 alone.


“The launch of Clive has been a pivotal moment for Unum where we’ve harnessed the power of specialist original content, alongside important documents such as product technical guides and policy information.”

Jason Hicklin, former Head of Content at Unum