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See how we worked with REED to help teachers make their next career move.

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Inspiring teachers to take the next step

Teachers are often hesitant to change roles or schools, but, when they do, it can have major benefits for their careers. In 2017 REED Global challenged us to inspire teachers to take the next step and instil trust in them as the people to help them do it.

This campaign needed to engage teachers at all stages of their career. And it needed to be usable across their social media channels and on their website. How did we help?


Teachers helping teachers

We needed to think differently to meet the challenge, so we went back to the drawing board. Instead of actors we asked real candidates to share their experiences in a series of video interviews. They were conversational and authentic, highlighting the ups and downs of changing role.

As well as these 11 longer videos, we created shareable snippets and images for use on social media. These were supported by PDF guides for each career stage, giving people the detail they needed to make their choice and reinforcing REED Global’s expertise.


Inspiring results

Our low budget for paid promotion meant that we relied on organic results to drive the campaign. We weren’t disappointed. The videos reached more than 7000 organic views from a hard to reach audience and we beat our lead generation goal by more than 23%.

Just as importantly, teachers now have a new resource to help them weigh up their options and decide what’s right for their careers.