Bringing salary data to life for REED Global

See how we got creative with the numbers for REED Global.

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Making a calculator cool

Every year REED Global’s Salary Guide helps users check that they are getting a fair deal and evaluate their next big move. In 2017 they wanted to make a big splash with their online Salary Calculator tool, which accompanies the guide.

They tasked us with creating a campaign that would get people excited about the calculator, encourage them to try it for themselves and generate new leads for their recruiters. So, how did we breathe life into the numbers and drive people to check their own salary?


Tailored videos

Looking to the examples of big budget product launches for companies like Apple and Samsung, we settled on a series of fast paced animated videos. We were able to quickly commission these through the Content Cloud® and created 21 videos for use across social media and the REED Global website.

Targeting key sectors, each video was tailored with data for that audience and delivered a more personalised experience for the users. Salary information became powerful content that drove further user engagement and went above and beyond what had been done in previous years.


Adding up the numbers

With over 245,000 views, the videos grabbed user attention across the board. Most importantly, they drove more than 31,000 visitors to the campaign landing-page and lead to over 9,000 new leads.

We balanced visual flair with useful information to create content that was both accessible and insightful for users, and, in the process, help grow REED Global’s pipeline.


“These videos took an annual industry norm and turned them into something monumental”

Catherine Maskell, former head of marketing at REED