Unifying ICAEW’s diverse faculty publications

See how we helped the ICAEW unify their diverse magazine offering.

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Personalised print

In the digital age, personalisation has become an essential component of effective content creation. In many ways the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) were ahead of the curve with their suite of faculty magazines.

Each was aimed at a specific part of their broad and influential audience, but look and tone varied massively between magazines. Keen to create a unified offering without losing any of the individuality that makes each magazine great, the ICAEW came to us.


Creating a unified look and tone

We started by creating a clear overall look based on the newly re-launched economia magazine. This flexible design structure ties them all together whilst also leaving ample room for their distinct personalities to shine through.

We then applied this approach to the tone of voice and content. A single editorial team now oversees all of the magazines, ensuring that messaging is consistent and identifying opportunities for cross promotion.

The result has been a suite of high-quality publications that meet the diverse needs of the ICAEW membership, made up of:


Audit & Beyond – a monthly magazine featuring technical updates and advice for auditors and assurance practitioners.

By All Accounts – a bi-annual magazine exploring financial reporting and standard setting.

Chartech – a bi-monthly look at how accountants use technology and the big trends in the growing digital economy.

Corporate Financier – produced 10 times a year for those working in corporate finance for investment banks, private equity houses and other financial advisory firms.

FS Focus – a monthly magazine tackling the audit and reporting of financial services firms, financial planning and risk and regulation.

Business & Management – published 11 times a year and featuring the latest on management thinking, combining interviews and practical guides.

TAXline – a monthly magazine for accountants in practice advising companies and individuals on their tax affairs.

Vital – a quarterly magazine launched in 2017 targeted at current accountancy students and focusing on the issues that will face the next generation of accountants.


Engaging a diverse audience

Feedback from members has been excellent. On average they spend more than 30 minutes reading each magazine every month. And approval ratings have been equally high, with readers scoring all of them over 80%.

It has also helped personalise overall ICAEW memberships. Now, over 90% of members say that they feel that communications are “specifically relevant to me”.