Eye-catching thought leadership with KPMG’s 30 Voices on 2030

See how we helped KPMG take a new approach to thought leadership content.

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Targeting an expert audience

As one of the ‘Big Four’ KPMG is well known as the auditor of choice to some of the world’s best know brands. However, this enviable reputation sometimes means that its consulting and strategy expertise is overlooked.

In 2018 the marketing team for the firm’s financial services practice asked us to help them change this. They wanted to promote KPMG’s advisory expertise and strategic consulting capabilities. And they wanted to get people thinking differently about the firm.

We needed to deliver a campaign that would challenge expectations in both its delivery and content. And which involved clients and technology platform partners, building a community of financial services experts with KPMG at the heart.


More than a report

KPMG regularly produces long form reports that draw on insights from their internal subject matter experts. The 30 Voices on 2030 campaign turned this on its head.

Instead of a report it led with a non-linear series of videos. And, alongside KPMG expertise, we gathered the views of 30 leaders from across the industry in a wide reaching piece of research.

In over 30 hours of interview footage, these experts shared their views on the future of financial services. Ranging from fintech founders to directors at some of the country’s biggest banks, their diverse voices were turned into three- to four-minute cuts, a thought provoking event and a print and digital report.

The short form videos ran as part of a major media campaign in partnership with video specialist, Teads.tv. The exclusive launch event brought the insights to life for 250 clients through debates and demonstrations. And the report gives KPMG partners a high-quality leave-behind for meetings.


Video opens the door

This campaign offered clients multiple routes into the subject matter and, taken together, it delivered a compelling insight into what’s to come for this rapidly changing sector.

The videos were viewed more than 200,000 times (269% of KPMG’s KPI), driving traffic to the campaign’s landing page. Once there, the content kept users engaged. Over 85% of visitors watched multiple videos and more than 71% clicked through to additional KPMG content and information, increasing awareness of the firm’s expertise and offering.


“I’ve been struck by how far reaching the campaign has been – many clients had heard about the report and videos before I spoke to them about it. 30 Voices is helping us to position the firm at the forefront of the transformation of the industry.”

Anton Ruddenklau, Head of Digital & Innovation, KPMG