This amazing image may be a glimpse into the future of business content

Zoom into the future with a jaw-dropping panorama

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Take a look at this video.

It’s a screen capture of a panoramic, super hi-res view over Shanghai. The definition is astounding. As well as showing the faces of people in distant parks and on far-off pavements, the viewer can also peer into hotel and office windows.


The image is created by Chinese company Big Pixel and uses a 195-gigapixel camera. You can explore the full image for yourself here.

Big Pixel offers similar views around a range of Far Eastern cities as well as shots of the human face and tiny spiders.

The images are compelling. It’s almost impossible to stop yourself going on mini journeys of exploration. The sense of discovery is real and exciting.

Finding the business angle

The challenge for business marketers is how to translate the compelling nature of these images to serve B2B goals.

Could the technology be used to present a product or facility? Or could the images be made more interactive by digitally integrating additional content to create a virtual environment that could be explored? One could zoom around this imagined or hybrid world to discover increasing levels of information, allowing users to go deeper into the areas that interest them.

It’s mind-boggling stuff at the edge of technical possibilities – but such a combination of technology and gamification would allow users to go on their own journeys of discovery. Add VR to the mix and the experience becomes truly immersive.

Creativity is key

If the creation of engaging and compelling content is a goal for business marketers, then the challenge will be in marrying such growing technology with the subject areas and expertise of individual businesses.

Marketing agencies and their corporate clients need to realise the importance of creativity and lateral thinking as they face these future challenges. The winners of tomorrow will be the organisations that blend editorial and technological excellence with true creative innovation.

Miles Kendall, Executive Editor, Progressive Content