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In our new regular feature, we hear from some of the Progressive team on the content they’ve most enjoyed contributing to over the last month or so. First up is group account director Sara Downes.

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In my job as a group account director I work across a host of very different clients – from manufacturing to care homes and financial services (FS). And that’s what I love the most: being able to work on such a variety of projects.

Although FS might not be the fluffiest of topics, I’ve picked a piece from that sector as my favourite this month.


We work extensively with the specialist bank and asset manager Investec. Recently, we’ve been working with Investec on a project around the 20-year anniversary of the euro.

I remember when the euro was launched back in 1999, and more countries joining as I grew up. I got a more formal education on it through an A Level in politics and then also from friends and neighbours – in a very euro-sceptic part of the country!

At such a critical point in our relationship with the EU, it was fascinating to work with experts at Investec and the financial services editors within the agency to learn about its history and, crucially for Investec clients, some predictions for the future.

Our art director Ian Hart created a great at-a-glance timeline that shows the highs and lows of the euro. It’s been a rocky 20 years with the highest point being just as the US was hit by the subprime mortgage crisis that led to the euro reaching $1.58 in 2008. But then shortly after, of course, it came crashing down as the financial crisis spread.

In the accompanying articles, we looked at the short-term predictions in terms of interest rate rises and global trade, as well as what the long-term future holds – experts say it ultimately rests on the degree of populism and infighting between the eurozone countries…

The experts we spoke to haven’t lost hope though. The noted ECB chief Mario Draghi’s had a nice comment where he likened it to a bumblebee: “a mystery of nature that shouldn’t be able to fly and yet somehow does.”

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The timeline:

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Sara Downes

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