About us

Content marketing has changed. Considerably. We know, because we’ve seen it happen and been part of its evolution.

A history of creativity

We began our life producing high-quality print publications for large membership organisations and luxury brands. At the time, we were an upstart in an industry dominated by established players. We relished the challenge and, with a small but experienced team, we set out to do things differently.

Since then, we’ve built an agency that values its people and always makes sure individuals are rewarded for the work they do. An agency that clients love working with and which focuses on building long relationships rather than getting quick wins. And, most importantly, an agency that challenged assumptions about what content marketing could achieve.

Our first client was the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). With eye-catching imagery and compelling content we transformed their regular membership magazine. And gave their members a magazine they would be proud to read on their morning commute. It’s no wonder we still work with them to this day.


From upstart to innovator

As our client roster grew, so did the agency. From a team of three, we soon ballooned to thirty, then sixty and now there are more than eighty of us.

A lot changed in this time. We moved office (four times) and changed our name (formerly we went by Progressive Customer Publishing). But the biggest change has been in the type of work we do. Whilst we still do a lot of print work, and we think it will always have a lot to offer, the whole industry has changed. Digital channels have become a must for brands of all kinds and sizes. And this was no different for the B2B companies we work with.

As well as creating entirely new types of content, this shift has increased the pace it needs to be created at. Having a team of content marketing experts was no longer going to be enough. We needed to start working differently.


A new approach to content marketing

We believe that the future of B2B content marketing is an equal mix of creative talent and intelligent automation. So, in 2014 we joined forces with a newly acquired technology business to create Content Cloud®.

This bespoke marketing automation platform enables users to commission videos, articles and design work from a network of more than 1000 B2B creative experts. It means we can create high-quality content at both scale and speed. And, we didn’t stop there.

Creating great content is only half the battle; you’ve also got to get it to the right people. So, working with RBS Group, we developed a game-changing new end-to-end solution. It takes content from initial idea to the hands of the frontline sales teams that need it most. They call it ContentLive and it’s revolutionised how they approach marketing and sales.


The road ahead

Now, with our history of creative expertise and our continually growing digital platform offering, we represent a new type of agency. A hybrid of human genius and machine efficiency. We combine the best of both worlds and work at the forefront of a rapidly changing content marketing industry.