Case Study

It's all in the data

Telecity Group

A new magazine launched to help promote the services offered by data centre business Telecity Group.

The Challenge

Telecity Group is a UK-based datacentre operator. It risks its services being commoditized, as it essentially selling nothing more than reliable power, telecoms connectivity and cooling for servers. It was therefore keen to reflect the creative, free- thinking and engaged approach of its charismatic CEO on the brand more generally. Developing a sense among its customers and prospects that it understood the "digital ecosystem" and was capable of responding creatively to their ever-shifting challenges and opportunities would help it gain a premium position.

Our Solution

Progressive Content was engaged to produce a magazine that would demonstrate how engaged and forward-thinking Telecity Group could be. We worked with the client's design agency to create a magazine that reflected the brand's overall aesthetic, then commissioned leading writers in business and IT to produce articles that reflected every aspect of the digital economy - from tech start-ups and data privacy, to interviews with technology leaders and guides to making better use of data centres.


Smarter Company is a polished, readable publication that is packed with material to engage any senior decision maker. By inference, it demonstrates the central importance of data centres to the digital ecosystem - and illustrates the benefits of taking a more creative approach to a host of strategy and operational IT decisions. Alongside the Smarter Company website - designed by Telecity Group’s brand agency, with content by Progressive - it has dramatically updated the group’s content strategy and created conversation points for account managers and salespeople across Europe.