RBS ContentLive® brings marketing to the frontline

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Becoming the trusted advisor

The financial crisis left trust in the financial sector at an all time low. For RBS Group this presented an obvious challenge. Trust isn’t something you can just buy, so they were going to need to completely re-think how they approached their customers. In 2015 they challenged us to help them do it.

We needed to re-invigorate relationships with over a million small and medium businesses across the UK. We needed to help frontline staff become trusted advisers to their customers and give them a stake in shaping our on-going content strategy. We needed to do one-to-one marketing at scale. How did we answer the challenge?

Content marketing where it’s needed

When we launched ContentLive® in November 2015, it was a market first. Built around the concept of  ‘I saw this and thought of you’, it provides customers with timely and, seemingly, hyper-personalised content. The content answers real challenges that small and medium businesses face and cements RBS Group reps as local, sector and subject experts, who are there to help.

The platform itself was built on the principle of centralised content storage and de-centralised distribution. Turning the existing model on its head. Intelligent content tagging and storage makes it simple for frontline staff to find what they’re looking for. The bespoke apps and websites make it easy to share branded content wherever they are. And commissioning functionality means they can request tailored content that meets their audience’s needs.                                                                                                             


Average monthly shares

Informed customers, trusted bank

The enthusiasm from frontline staff has been overwhelming. In the first 6 months more than 80% had downloaded the app and, on average, pieces of content are shared more than 1,000 times.

Customers seem to have loved it as well. Clickthrough® rates for ContentLive® emails are more than double the industry average and over 11,000 people visit the websites every month.

Through ContentLive® we’ve empowered relationship owners to become active advisors to their customers. The sector specific insights we’ve helped create have enabled the bank to stand out at a time when trust in financial institutions was low. And, in 2017 we began support for the RBS Groups private banking divisions as well.