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Content Cloud®

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Expertise on demand

Content Cloud® is the solution to all your B2B content creation needs. With an unparalleled number of writers, designers and videographers it makes finding the right people simple. It gives you everything you need to take ideas from brief to finished product with ease.  



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B2B Content Experts



Seamless and secure

This network of B2B content marketing experts means you can deliver original and engaging content marketing at a whole new scale and speed. And you can say goodbye to your overloaded inbox as the built-in review and payment systems mean every aspect of the content creation process can be handled from one platform.

Naturally, we use it ourselves, including in our award winning work with RBS.



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Knowledge Bank

Getting content to the frontline

Knowledge Bank gets content to the people who need it most. This easy-to-use repository brings everything together in one place, giving frontline teams the materials they need to do their job. The advanced tagging and taxonomy system means the right content is available immediately and the gating process gives you the confidence it will only end up where it is intended to go.

It’s centralised content management for distributed content marketing. It’s more than just a shared drive.



Democratising content strategy

The future of content is personalised and Knowledge Bank gives your teams the tools to make this a reality. Individual pieces can be automatically branded for different teams and work can be directly commissioned by users to meet the needs of their customers.

We built Knowledge Bank into our work with Unum on their Clive solution.



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