Case Study

Supporting the squeezed middle

Lloyds Bank

Progressive Content helped Lloyds Bank to re-engage with its medium-sized business customers, through a two-year-long series of editorial campaigns.

The Challenge

In 2012 Lloyds Bank hired Progressive Content to help engage small and particularly medium-sized businesses and raise awareness in this sector of its banking services. Lloyds Bank wanted to communicate with these firms in a way that enforced the bank's corporate banking credentials, reinforcing its expertise across a range of key sectors where the bank had existing strengths.

Our Solution

Progressive Content created a series of multi-platform campaigns, run largely through economia and across the wider Progressive group. In 2012, medium-sized companies got almost no government support, little media coverage and few breaks from policymakers'. Because they were an important customer group for Lloyds Bank customers, Progressive Content developed "The Squeezed Middle" campaign, seeking to raise awareness and recognise these businesses as crucial to growing the UK economy.

This solution positioned Lloyds as a leader in this sector, using an editorial approach to capture interest and engage finance decision-makers, providing insight and commentary around the subjects that mattered. Profiles, case studies and roundtable events were all part of the approach.

In 2013, Progressive Content followed this with the "Heart of British Business", which focused on engagement with the wider SME community. This further heightened awareness among the audience by using the full economia and ICAEW portfolio.


Lloyds significantly raised its profile among SMEs and increased the perception of its strengths. The commercial elements of the campaign were very effective and helped increase SME enquiries

Lloyds in numbers


Page impressions on the economia website for the Squeezed Middle campaign


The number of industry opinion leaders who joined roundtables


The number of editorial pages created in each year of the campaign