Case study

The Premier League’s numbers game

English Premier League

When the English Premier League wanted to let some innovative research tell its own story, Progressive Content assembled a team that delivered the right result

The challenge 

For the second year running The English Premier League asked Progressive Content to help produce a supplement that enabled the EPL to illustrate its global reach to potential commercial partners and to member clubs.

This year the EPL had commissioned innovative research detailing how the worldwide audience watched games. For the first time, viewing figures were broken down into in-home and out-of-home views and by device. This analysis was applied across nine key territories.  

The EPL wanted to clearly illustrate the results of the research, and to emphasise the integrity of the analysis not just as a marketing tool, but as a powerful factual expression of the EPL’s standing.


Our solution

Progressive Content commissioned journalist Nick Harris to analyse the data and write the narrative that would run through a 36-page supplement. The research data was very strong and getting Nick’s independent and respected take on it was felt to be the ideal way to underline the power of what the data revealed.

The written narrative was complemented with bold infographics and exciting, full-colour visuals, with Progressive Content and Nick Harris working together to draw up a running order that showcased key themes.

The supplement was produced in full-colour glossy A5 format, designed to resemble a football programme and therefore something easy to hand out and be taken away at events. The publication, Premier League In Numbers, can be used almost as a calling card, distilling the EPL’s offer into a single, eye-catching product.




The supplement has been a huge success for the EPL and is an integral part of their marketing suite. The combination of fascinating data and stunning design has equipped the EPL with a tool that will command the attention of commercial partners, helping to drive revenues and open up new markets.


“We were impressed with the authority, integrity and insight the team displayed and we were delighted to partner with them to produce this fantastic piece of work.”

Craig Edmondson, marketing director, English Premier League