Case study

Dishing up content that counts

Ali Group

Ali Group, the biggest foodservice equipment company in the world, commissioned Progressive to reinvigorate their content in 2014. The agency has delivered a multi-lingual suite of magazines, digital content and marketing communications across a variety of platforms ever since.

The challenge

Ali Group is the largest, most diversified global company in the foodservice equipment industry. Founded over 50 years ago, and based in Milan, Italy, the engineering heritage of several of Ali Group’s 77 companies stretch back over 100 years and include many of the most respected brands in the foodservice industry.

The key challenge therefore was to produce a truly international annual print magazine for Ali Group that conveyed the firm’s vast presence and showcased its diverse offering, perhaps the most extensive product portfolio in the sector. With so many case studies from across the globe and a host of new equipment launches to fit into just 100 pages it was a considerable test of planning to ensure that the magazine was both timely and topical for its launch at the prestigious Host 2015 show. The material also needed plenty of shelf-life to last until the next issue, 12 months later.


The solution

Having been impressed with the commissioned writing work Progressive had produced for a previous edition of their magazine, Ali Group hired us to both write and fully design the 2015 edition of Aliworld. We wanted to evolve the design of the previous edition of the magazine so that it was still recognisable to the readers (existing and prospective clients of Ali Group) but very much an improved offering. This was a case of ‘evolution, not revolution’ and we worked hard with the client to ensure that our new designs, while modern, clean and contemporary, were also in line with Ali Group’s brand guidelines.

We used original, professional photography and a mix of illustration styles to bring the content to life, while the magazine featured interviews with Ali Group executives and their customers, conducted by expert specialist foodservice writers. We were careful to ensure that, while headlines were kept punchy, they could be understood by an international audience whose first language might not be English.



The results

Aliworld is a magazine bursting with colour and life, featuring a design and editorial approach that reflects the client’s innovative business and global footprint. Ali Group’s marketing team were delighted with the magazine, which went down a storm when it launched at the Host 2015 trade show in October in Milan, Italy. Ali Group have since asked Progressive to help them to produce Italian, French and German translated editions of the magazine, all featuring new, ‘local’ content alongside the existing stories.

In addition Ali Group also commissioned Progressive to write and design a variety of media kits, marketing brochures and online content in 2014/2015.



"We believe the results speak for themselves and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with Progressive"

Elena Faccio, Global Communications Director, Ali Group